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Cabbage flower (2).JPG (31280 bytes)

Cabbage Flower

Clear yellow, fully double bloom on nice scapes.  20 – 24 inches tall.  Early mid season, reblooms.  Diploid (Kirchoff 1985)


Camden Gold Dollar (2).JPG (33351 bytes)

Camden Gold Dollar

Some have dared to call this an improved flower form of a tall Stella d’Orr.  Color is a very similar gold color with a fuller more ruffled form.  The scapes are 28 inches tall.  Recurrent bloomer.  


Canadian Border Patrol

Brilliant ivory blossoms with vivid deep purple eye and edge make this a real standout.  5-1/2 inch blooms appear mid-season on 30-inch tall scapes.  Reblooms Tetraploid (Salter 1995)


Caprician Fiesta

Tall blooming daylily that really likes to be seen.  36-inch tall scapes are adorned by 5-1/2 inch honey apricot blooms with a russet eye.  Blooms Early-Mid season with good rebloom.  Tetraploid (Rogers 1984)



Time has proven this spider form daylily with 10 inch yellow blossoms and a 4.3:1 spider ratio.  36-inch tall scapes really get this unique eye catching bloom into the breeze where it appears to move in many graceful dances.  Early bloom season with good rebloom.  (Powell 1968)


CATHERINE_NEAL.jpg (58828 bytes)

Catherine Neal

Deep Purple with green throat. Extremely Sunfast for such a dark color.  One of the best dark purples on the market.  Always popular.  30" tall, late season, rebloom, dormant, 6" blooms


Catherine Woodbury.jpg (56551 bytes)

Catherine Woodbury

The time honored standard of lavender daylilies.  Tall scapes can be easily seen all over the garden. 36" tall, late season, 6 inch bloom size


Celene Colorama.jpg (57559 bytes)

Celene Colorama

Rose purple self with a unique dusting of yellow and green blending into a yellow green throat. 30” tall,  mid season bloom , 6” bloom. 


Chance Encounter

A unique raspberry-rose blend with a gold throat and edge sets these 6-inch blooms apart from the crowd.  Scapes appear in Early-Mid Season on 25-inch scapes.  Rebloom makes a good show late into the season.   (Stamile 1994)


Charles Johnston

One of the nicest red daylilies that you will find anywhere.  It always attracts attention in our garden and displays.  A cherry red 6 inch bloom with a deep green throat.  24 inches tall, Early Mid Season bloom time - Reblooms (Gates - 1981)


chrlte legacy.JPG (47048 bytes)

Charlotte's Legacy


Huge 7 inch plus blooms are a cream and pink bicolor.  Blooms appear early mid season and are 24 inches tall.  Really catches your eye. 



Cherry Cheeks

Rose-pink blend with green-yellow throat Proven award winning variety. Proven performer in the south.  Mid-late season bloom time, 6" bloom size


chicagoapache.jpg (13528 bytes)

Chicago Apache

Intense scarlet red with ruffled edges.  Extremely sunfast and more resistant to thrips than most reds.  Very vigorous grower with strong scapes and healthy foliage.  30 " tall, late season, tetraploid, 5" bloom size.  Very popular here.  


Chcago Fire (2).jpg (46114 bytes)

Chicago Fire

A true red with an old timey feel.  Nice problem free daylily that makes a nice statement at clump strength.  5 inch blooms with 26 inch scapes.  


Children's Festival.jpg (56605 bytes)

Children's Festival

Cream colored bloom with wine blushes, good clean vigorous foliage, propagates rapidly.  26” tall, early season bloom time, rebloomer, and 4” bloom size


Chili Pepper

Another outstanding performer in Joiner's Pepper series.  This one has the same great flower form with a very pronounced red eye against a golden yellow bloom.  Perfect 3-inch blooms are held on sturdy 22-inch scapes appear first in Early-Mid season with reliable rebloom. 


Chorus Line.jpg (51616 bytes)

Chorus Line

Pure Medium Pink with Rose band above yellow halo.  Dark green throat.   25” tall, early season bloom time, rebloomer, fragrant, extended bloom open, 3½ “ bloom. 


Chris Salter

Very Showy Daylily with a heavy gold edge.  6 inch Medium Lavender blooms with gold edge. 26 inch tall scapes.  Mid-season bloom time.  Reblooms (Salter 1993) -  VERY LIMITED


Christmas Is.JPG (133182 bytes)

Christmas Is

6-inch bright candy apple red blossoms with a shocking lime green throat give this eye-catching daylily its name.  Very nice plant with 22-inch scapes  Blooms early mid season.


Cinammon Circle.JPG (31959 bytes)

Cinnamon Circle 

Yellow gold blooms fade to a cinnamon brown outer edge on these very unique blossoms.  Blooms are of a heavy substance and last well even in hot sunny days.  5 ½ inch blooms are held on 24-inch scapes. Bloom early mid-season.  Dormant foliage (Harris 1988) 


Clara Boyer 

Large 7 ½ inch blooms are lavender with darker veins and a green throat.  32 in. tall.  Mid Season bloom time.  (KallenBach 1973)



Reddish Pink Polychrome 5-inch blooms.  This variety has withstood the test of time since it's introduction in 1938 due to its unique blooms, plant vigor and dependable performance.  34-inch tall blooms appear in Mid-season (Hayward 1938)



If you are looking for a really frilly bright orange double daylily that blooms and grows well then this is it.  4-1/2 inch fully double blooms on 20-inch tall scapes appear Early-Mid season.  (Grooms 1977)


Cosmic Hummingbird 

Blooms extra early.  Usually the first to bloom for us.  Repeat bloomer.  Peach with a red eye.  3 ½ inch blooms appear on 26 inch scapes with a high bud count.  Begins blooming mid-May.  (Kirchoff 1977) 



One of the cutest miniatures you will ever see.  These 2-1/2 inch rosy red blooms are just perfect for the front of a planting.  Good clean foliage makes it ideal for borders as well.  18-inch tall.  Has re-bloomed for us in South Carolina.  Diploid (G. Stamile 1989)


Creative Edge

One of the great parents of modern daylilies.  6-inch creamy orchid blooms are accented with a purple eyezone and edge.  23-inch tall scapes bloom mid-season.  Tetraploid (Stamile 1995)


Crimson Pirate

An older daylily that still makes a striking statement.  6-inch spidery scarlet red blooms are held on 30 inch tall scapes.  Mid Season (Sass 1951)


Custard Candy.JPG (85447 bytes)

Custard Candy

Another of Stamile’s Candy Series.  This one is one of the best.  4.25 inch cream blooms with a maroon eye on 24 inch tall scapes.  Early mid season bloom with rebloom into the summer.  1999 Stout Silver Medal Winner.   (P. Stamile 1989)