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Admirals Braid

5 1/2 inch White blossoms with braided gold edge appear in Mid season on sturdy 23 inch scapes.  Tetraploid, Dependable rebloom - (Stamile 1993)


America's Most Wanted

Golden creamy 6-1/2 inch yellow blooms are heavily ruffled and fragrant.  27 inch tall scapes are sturdy and well budded.  Initial bloom is early with a late season rebloom.  Tetraploid.  (Carr 1997)


Antique Rose

6 1/2 Rose Pink blooms with paler midribs bloom Early-Mid Season.  25 inch tall scapes.  Reblooms later in season.  Diploid - Sikes 1987
Awesome Blossom

Unique rusty rose colored 5 inch blossoms have a prominent raisin plum eye and  edge. Blooms Early - Mid Season with good rebloom. Tetraploid - Salter 1996


Autumn Red

6-inch narrow segmented red blooms with yellow throat.  A classic daylily from many years ago that has stood the test of time.  Mid-Late Bloom season makes it a garden standout.  24-inch tall scapes.  Diploid (Nesmith 1941)


BAMA_MUSIC.jpg (72812 bytes)

Bama Music 

Pale Pink Self with yellow throat, 28” tall, Mid season bloom time, dormant foliage, 5” bloom size.  


Barbara Mitchell (2).JPG (29167 bytes)

Barbara Mitchell

An all time great daylily that is almost perfect.  Top vote reciever in popularity polls.  Pale lavender pink with celery green throat and consistent round ruffling.  Long flowering season.  20" tall, mid season, rebloomer, semi-evergreen, 6" blooms


Barbary Corsair

A really cute little daylily with 3inch grape purple blooms.  Blooms are very color saturated and held well above a clump of clean attractive foliage.  19-inch scape height. Blooms Mid-late season.  Diploid - (Hudson 1980)


Beautiful Edgings.JPG (101482 bytes)

Beautiful Edgings

Large 7-inch blossoms are pastel creamy yellow with a rose pink edging that is neatly pleated.  Blooms are born on strong 30-inch scapes. Blooms mid season. Repeat bloomer.


Beauty to Behold

Round ruffled heavy blooming lemon yellow daylily blooms Mid - Late season with good rebloom here for us.  Scapes are 24 inches tall and sturdy.  Diploid - (Sellers 1978)


Ben Arthur Davis.JPG (92740 bytes)

Ben Arthur Davis

Large creamy orchid blooms are born on strong 24-inch tall scapes. 8-inch blossom appear mid season.  Dormant foliage.  (Wild 1971)


Bertie Ferris 4.jpg (49039 bytes)

Bertie Ferris

Ruffled eye-catching miniature persimmon orange daylily.  Top Daylily award -1980, Outstanding Miniature Variety – 1973.  20” tall, Early ,  Dormant foliage, 2.5 in. blooms


Big Kiss

Wow, what a show off!!  This is a really impressive pink double.  5-1/2 inch blooms are light peachy pink with a rose eye.  Mid-season bloom time with a good rebloom means you get to enjoy this gem late into the hot days of summer.  Strong 28-inch scapes hold blooms high for a super show.  Diploid (Joiner 1991)


Big Time Happy

Similar to "Happy Returns" with a larger 4-inch Lemon Yellow Bloom.  Excellent Rebloom.  22-inch scapes.  Diploid (Apps & Blew 1993)


Bill Norris

A brilliant sunny gold self with very wide heavily ruffled petals.  5-inch blooms are held on 29-inch scapes and appear Mid-season with good rebloom.  The 2002 winner of Stout Silver Daylily Award: the highest daylily award.  Tetraploid (Kirchoff 1993)  


Bittersweet Holiday.jpg (40680 bytes)

Bittersweet Holiday

Copper orange blooms are 5 1/2 inches and of good substance.  Really bright color really catches your eye.  Scapes are 22 inches tall and blooms Early Midseason.  


Black Eyed Stella

Similar to "Stella d' Orr" with a reddish eye.  Good Rebloom.  3-1/4 inch blooms on 17-inch scapes appear early season into late summer.  Diploid (Robertson 1993)


Black Eyed Susan.jpg (56994 bytes)

Black Eyed Susan

Buttery Yellow with a reddish black eye and light ruffling.  Heavy bloomer.  A real eye catcher. 26” tall, mid season bloom time, rebloomer, dormant foliage, and 5 ½ “bloom size


Blizzard Wizzard

Very Nice white blooming daylily.  6-inch blooms appear Early - Mid Season on sturdy 28 inch scapes. Tetraploid (Kirchoff)


Blonde Is Beautiful.JPG (102203 bytes)

Blonde Is Beautiful

Lemon Yellow 6-inch blossoms have good heavy substance and are very sunfast.  The scapes are well branched and have a good bud count.  28 inches tall with semi-evergreen foliage Tetraploid  (Harris-Benz 1985)


Blythe Belle

You would be hard pressed to find a cuter miniature daylily.  Diamond dusted 3-inch peachy pink blooms are tucked in neatly with neat foliage.  Mid season bloom time.  20-inches tall. Diploid (Salter 1985)


Bold Tiger

Bold certainly is an appropriate adjective for this impressive daylily.  4-1/2 inch orange blooms have a bold red eye.  Blooms late season here.  Tetraploid (Stamile 1990)


Bridgeton Calligraphy

Subtle creamy pink rose 6-inch blooms have a subdued violet eye and a faint gold edge.  Scapes are 25-inches tall and very sturdy and well branched.  Has re-bloomed well for us in the piedmont of South Carolina.  Tetraploid (Apps)


Broadway Accent

A great miniature daylily with super form.  Cream 2-7/8 inch blooms are cream with a bright red eye and green throat.  Blooms are round with good form and ruffling.  Scapes are only 16 inches tall but sturdy and well branched.  Reblooms well.  Tetraploid (G. Stamile 1995)


Brocaded Gown.JPG (88645 bytes)

Brocaded Gown

Full-formed pastel creamy yellow blooms, 6-inch diameter, 26-28 inches tall.  Reblooms consistently, used often in hybridizing.  Early-mid season bloom time.  Very Impressive.    Diploid (Milliken 1979)


Bug's Hug

3-1/2 inch raspberry blooms with plum eye zone are displayed on 21-inch scapes.  Early-mid season bloom time.  Diploid (Hansen 1986)


Buttered Popcorn

A time proven daylily that really puts on a show.  Bright 6-inch golden yellow blooms are held high on heavily budded and well branched 26-inch tall sturdy scapes.  Rebloom scapes are often as impressive as the initial bloom scapes.  It is not unusual to have a scape with 3 or more open blooms at a time.  Mid-season bloom time.  (Benzinger 1971)


Butterscotch ruffles.jpg (44548 bytes)

Butterscotch Ruffles

A consistent bloomer through the entire season, Begins blooming extra early and continues into the fall.  Miniature 3-inch  blooms are fully ruffled with excellent form.  24-inch tall scapes. Diploid (Harling 1978)