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Daring Deception.jpg (69036 bytes)

Daring Deception

Dusty cream-pink with a large purple eye and pronounced purple edge and green throat.  Ruffled, very striking. 24” tall, Early Mid season bloom time, Re-bloomer, semi-evergreen, 5 “ bloom size.  Tetraploid (Salter 1994)


Daring Dilemna

Creamy-pink with plum eye and ruffled edge. Very vigorous and strong grower.  24” tall, Mid season bloom time, Re-bloomer, semi-evergreen, 5 “ bloom size.  Tetraploid (Salter 1992)



A really cute miniature which really blooms well.  Blooms are only 2-1/4 inches in diameter on sturdy 15-inch scapes, but boy are they well branched and loaded with buds.  Yellow with a violet eye.  Reblooms Early-Mid season and into late summer.  Diploid (Zabler 1989)


Diversiment.JPG (38547 bytes)



An awesome spider type bloom with an 11 inch wingspan.  This daylily shows a lot of movement in the slightest breeze.  Long Bloom season.  Reblooms well.  30 inches tall. (Hager 1990)



Dble cutie (2).JPG (26224 bytes)

Double Cutie

Yellow flowers are 4 ˝ inches in diameter tubular double blooms on compact plants.  16 inch tall scapes.  Mid-season bloom time.  Reblooms


Double Dream  

Peach double blossoms are very showy and eye-catching.  Blooms are 4-1/2 inches in diameter and born on 26 inch scapes.  Early bloom season with rebloom.  Diploid (Brown-B. 1978)


Double Grapette

4-inch grape purple blooms are fully double.  Sometimes petals have a faint white edge giving blooms a frosted appearance.  24-inches tall Early-mid season bloom time with rebloom.  Diploid (Brown 1976)


Dragon Eye

Clear pink blossoms with a large bold cranberry red eye.  Really catches your eye.  3-1/2 inch blooms are supported by 22 inch tall scapes.  Blooms mid-late season with rebloom.  Diploid (Salter 1992) Currently unavailable



Eastatoe Papoose  

Another neat and delicate miniature that is great for the front of a planting where it can easily be seen.  Named for the nearby Eastatoe region and its heritage.  Blooms are 3 inches in diameter and honey almond in color with a wine eye. 15 inches tall.  Reblooms Mid-season - Rebloom is eratic.    Diploid


Ed Murray.jpg (57531 bytes)

Ed Murray

Showy, velvety red-black with green throat.  High bud count.  Sunfast.  A winner in this color category.  Top daylily award for 1981, 30” tall, mid-late season bloom, extended bloom open, 4” bloom size.


Eenie Weenie (2).jpg (47507 bytes)

Eenie Weenie

Tiny 2 inch blooms are light yellow with a small green throat.  Loosely ruffled petals curve at the tips.  Makes a good short ground cover or edging because it is a true dwarf only getting 10 inches tall.  Blooms all summer if deadheaded and cut back occasionally.  


ELEGANT_CANDY.jpg (58128 bytes)

Elegant Candy


Steve’s favorite of the ‘Candy Series’.  Pink, round, and ruffled with triangular red eye, yellow wire edge and a large green throat. 4.25 inch ruffled blooms on 25-inch scapes. Early mid season bloom with rebloom into the summer.  Very fragrant. Universally grown.



Elmo Jackson (2).JPG (30262 bytes)

Elmo Jackson

6-inch plus pink-yellow blooms have a pronounced gold edge that is nicely ruffled.  Blooms have good substance and stand up well to weather. 30 inch tall scapes are well branched and sturdy.  Early-Mid Season bloomer with good rebloom.