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Fairy Tale Pink duo.jpg (62213 bytes)

Fairy Tale Pink

Ruffled diamond-dusted pink with green throat.  Excellent flower form. Sunfast with heavy substance. Continued high ratings on the popularity polls.  Winner of the Stout Silver Medal. 24" tall, midseason, rebloomer, semi-evergreen, 5.5" blooms


Farmer's Daughter

 Clear meium pink blooms are really appealing and eye-catching.  28" tall, early season, rebloomer, 5.5" blooms


Forest Phantom

Very striking 6 in. pale pink blooms with a unique plum eye and edge.  26 inches tall.  Early season bloom time.  Reblooms (Morss 1996)


Forsyth Hot Lips

4 1/2 inch blooms are peach pink with a red eye band on a 23 inch scapes.  Early - mid bloom season - Reblooms (LeFever 1989)


Forty Karat

Sharp golden blooms are 5.5 inches in diameter with at bright green throat.  Booms appear mid-season on 30 inch scapes.  (Benzinger 1988)


Frans Hall.jpg (71102 bytes)

Frans Hall

Bright rust and orange bicolor with creamy midrib on petals. Long blooming season.  28" tall, mid-late season, dormant, 4.5" blooms.


Frilly Missa.jpg (51230 bytes)

Frilly Miss

Lemon yellow fully double 4-1/2 inch blooms on short 16-inch scapes. Nice clean healthy foliage.  Early mid bloom season and good rebloom. 



3 inch golden yellow blooms appears very early on 15 inch scapes.  Reblooms.  (Glidden 1978)


Golden Hibiscus

Golden recurved and ruffled 6 1/2 in. blooms are nearly flat.  Blooms are held on 14 inch scapes.  Early-mid season blooms.  Reblooms (Morrison 1992)


GORDON_BIGGS.jpg (26384 bytes)

Gordon Biggs

Raspberry red with bright red eyezone and green throat.  Extended bloom season. Distinctive, healthy foliage. 24-26 tall, Early season bloom time, blooms remain open into evening, semi-evergreen, 4 bloom size.  


Graceland 04.jpg (51829 bytes)


Lavender Cream blooms have a fine gold edging on tight ruffling.  A slightly darker lavender eye surrounds yellow green throat.  Early blooms season with rebloom.  (Morss 87) 


Grape Magic

4 inch blooms are a grape color with a darker purple eyezone and deep yellow throat.  Only 20 inches tall this is  a great daylily for the front of the border.  Mid - Late Season - Reblooms.  (Ater-M 1976)


GREEN_FLUTTER.jpg (74482 bytes)

Green Flutter

Slightly ruffled, canary colored with slight green tint. Good branching with good bud count.  Annie T. Giles Award for best small flowered daylily.  20 inch tall, late, semi-evergreen foliage.