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Kristasyeldelight (2).JPG (37520 bytes)

Krista's Yellow Delight

One of the very earliest daylilies to bloom each spring.  Clear yellow 4-inch blooms appear early and then have a rebloom mid-late season.  18-inches tall.  Clean vigorous foliage makes this an ideal landscaping daylily


LAVENDER_BLUSH.jpg (66342 bytes)

Lavender Blush

Orchid blend with creamy midribs and a soft green throat.  Very beautiful, vigorous and rapid propagator.  Early midseason, rebloomer, semi-evergreen, fragrant, extended bloom, 6"blooms.  


Leather Godess.jpg (47415 bytes)

Leather Goddess

Burnished Gold 4-1/2 inch blooms have extremely heavy substance and petal thickness.  The edges have nice pie crust ruffling.  22 inch tall scapes. Mid Season bloom time.  Repeat bloomer.  


LIGHTNING_BUG.jpg (27532 bytes)

Lightning Bug

A vigorous true miniature in blossom, size and plant habit.  Pure gold with startling black-purple eye.  Sunfast blooms open early and remain in good condition all day.  Small vigorous plants establish quickly.  16 " tall, midseason, dormant, 2.5 " blossoms


Little Business (2).JPG (40976 bytes)

Little Business

Nice miniature award-winning red daylily.  Clear candy apple red with green throat.  Builds nice clumps and blooms heavily.  Healthy foliage emerges early in spring.  3 ½ inch bloom are held above foliage on 20 inch scapes.


Little CranbCove (2).JPG (40008 bytes)

Little Cranberry Cove

Cranberry Rose-colored blossoms with a wine colored eye. Petals have deeper red veining and are full formed and ruffled. 24 inch tall scapes appear early mid season.  Dependable rebloom and dormant foliage


Little Grappette.jpg (53093 bytes)

Little Grapette

Light grape-purple self with green throat.  Outstanding miniature purple.  Winner of many daylily awards.  12 inches tall, early season, semi-evergreen, 2" blooms


Little Red Warbler.jpg (54117 bytes)

Little Red Warbler

Heavy blooming rust red with lighter midribs on petals.  Rapid propagator with good flower form and high bud count.  24" tall, midseason, semi-evergreen, 3.5 "blooms


Mardi Gras Parade.jpg (60470 bytes)

Mardi Gras Parade

This profuse blooming daylily has lightly ruffled, bright rose-lavender blossoms with an unusual double wine eye surrounding a green throat.  Flowers open early in the day and remain beautiful until dark.  20" tall, midseason, extended bloom open, dormant, 4" blooms.


Maria's Sunshine.jpg (41487 bytes)

Maria’s Sunshine

3-inch pastel yellow blooms have a delicate crape paper texture with light ruffling.  This is a 36-inch tall long blooming daylily that will rival most daylilies in bloom season.  Mid Season, dormant foliage, lightly fragrant, recurrent bloomer


MARYS_GOLD.jpg (25749 bytes)

Mary's Gold

If you are looking for a high impact orange that has dominance in the garden, this is it.  Blinding gold blossoms on strong scapes and high bud count make this a sure winner.  Extremely vigorous and excellent foliage.  34" tall, midseason, dormant, tetraploid, 6.5" tall.


Melon Ambrosia.jpg (26940 bytes)

Melon Ambrosia



Mini Pearl.jpg (54746 bytes)

Mini Pearl

Blush melon pink self with yellow green throat.  Light ruffling enhances this pretty little blossom.  Multiple bloomer with high bud count can bloom for 4 or more weeks.  16" tall, early midseason, repeat bloomer, extended bloom time, 3" bloom


Orange Velvet (2).JPG (38255 bytes)

Orange Velvet

Huge Velvety-orange blossoms measure 7 inches in diameter and have impressive substance and ruffling.  Mid season blooms are born on sturdy 30 inch tall scapes.  Reblooms, Semi evergreen foliage.  Limited supply