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Pandora's Box.jpg (51463 bytes)

Pandora's Box

Rich cream with a striking violet-purple eyezone above a bright green throat.  Vigorous grower with rapid propagation.  Blossoms open well after a cool night.  25" tall, early midseason, fragrant, 4" bloom.  


Paper bttrfly (2).JPG (38709 bytes)

Paper Butterfly

A creamy peach with a blue-violet eyezone and a green throat. Demands your attention. Has a very long bloom season for us.  6-inch blossoms on well branched 24-inch scapes.  Good Rebloom.  Semi-evergreen foliage. 

$7.00 & $12.00

Pardon Me.jpg (75126 bytes)

Pardon Me

Cranberry red with yellow green throat.  Good rebloom performance, often blooming up until frost.  Voted best miniature in 1985.  18" tall, midseason, rebloom, fragrant, nocturnal, dormant, 2.75" bloom


PATIO_PARADE.jpg (79615 bytes)

Patio Parade

Medium light yellow blossoms.  Very vigorous, propagates rapidly with consistent rebloom.  With the bloom season extended, this cultivar makes a tremendous landscape plant. Well spaced blossoms have heavy substance and are sunfast.  28" tall, midseason, rebloom, fragrant, dormant, Tetraploid, 6" blooms


Pink for 2 (2).JPG (39721 bytes)

Pink for Two

Large marbled pink blossoms appear mid season.  Blooms are usually double and are often over 6 inches in diameter.  28 inch tall scapes with healthy foliage.  Reblooms

Available spring 2012

prairieblueeyes.jpg (9667 bytes)

Prairie Blue Eyes

Award winning lavender with near blue eyezone and green throat.  Vigorous grower and prolific bloomer.  Works well in mass plantings.  28" tall, midseason, semi-evergreen, 5.5" blooms.


Raspberry Pix.jpg (60736 bytes)

Raspberry Pixie

Small Raspberry blend blossoms with green throat. 24” tall, mid season bloom time, fragrant, blooms remain open into the evening, 2 ½ ” blossom size


RAZZAMATAZZ.jpg (27770 bytes)


Compact medium purple blossoms. 20” tall, early mid season bloom time, rebloomer, and 2 1/2” blossom size.  


Rose Crush (2).JPG (36840 bytes)

Rose Crush

Unique sunset Rose colored blossoms are sunfast and have good substance.  6 inch blooms are ruffled and appear mid season on 24 inch scapes.  Dependable rebloom. 


Ruby Throat.jpg (68604 bytes)

Ruby Throat

Vibrant, medium red with a velvety finish.  Scapes are strong and well branched.  A strong grower that propagates well.  Excellent red daylilies. 36” tall, mid-late season ,  3” blooms 


RUFFLED_APRICOT.jpg (49146 bytes)

Ruffled Apricot

Lightly ruffled, deep glowing apricot blossoms have creamy pink midribs and are highlighted by an intense golden throat.  Fragrant blossoms have heavy substance, excellent growth and vigor.  28" tall, midseason, fragrant, nocturnal, tetraploid, 7" blooms


seductor.jpg (109985 bytes)


Brilliant Candy Apple Red Blooms are born profusely on 24-inch tall sturdy scapes.  It is one of the very earliest red daylilies to bloom.  Makes a very impressive clump.  Extra Early season, 6 ½ inch blooms with small lime green throat. Reblooms

Currently Unavailable


SIL_DOUBLE_CLASSIC.jpg (64630 bytes)


Siloam Double Classic

Highly acclaimed fragrant double pink. Fully double rich pink blossoms are true works of art.  Winner of numerous awards including the top daylily award for 1993. 18” tall, mid season, fragrant, nocturnal, 5” blossom size.  


Siloam Ethel Smith.jpg (49387 bytes)

Siloam Ethel Smith

Cream pink blossoms have a delightful softly painted rose eye.  Strong grower with excellent bloom form.  20" tall, midseason, 3 1/4 " blooms.


Siloam Shocker.jpg (51909 bytes)

Siloam Shocker

Creamy pink with red eyezone and green throat.  The effect is truly a “shocker”. Scapes are heavily branched and budded.  Very floriferous and strong grower. 28” tall, mid season bloom time, 3 Ύ ” blossom size. 


SMALL_GESTURE.jpg (25059 bytes)

Small Gesture

Melon pink with rose red eyezone and green throat.  Double and semi-double blossoms have full rounded form.  Blooms are displayed on well branched scapes with good bud count.  16" tall, early midseason, rebloomer, 2.5 "blooms


Strawberry Baby.jpg (58594 bytes)

Strawberry Baby



Strawberry Candy

Winner of the 1998 winner as the top daylily variety.  Strawberry pink. With rose-red eyezone and golden green throat.  26” tall, early mid season bloom time, rebloomer, extended bloom open time, semi-evergreen foliage, 4 ½” bloom size. 


Strwbrry fld frever (2).JPG (34830 bytes)

Strawberry Fields Forever

One of the top new daylily varieties on the market today.  Sought after by many collectors.  Clear pink petals have a rose colored braided edge and a matching eye.  Blooms are 4 1/2 inches and borne on sturdy 26 inch tall scapes.  Dependable rebloom, fragrant and semi evergreen foliage.  Very limited supply.