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Our 16 year old daughter is continuing her lessons in patience. Recently she finished the paperwork to officially register two of her seedlings from the very first crop. With a prefix taken from the small community in which our farm is located and the school and church that Nancy attended of Lebanon.

 Lebanon Tiger Rag: Named after the bandannas Clemson fans have waved for years because it is  " Tall, Proud and Loud" it has been catching the eyes of many visitors to the farm.

Lebanon Opal Dawn: Named after much brainstorming and much consideration of all of the names suggested. This name turned out especially cool. With 'Dawn' symbolizing the beginning of Lebanon Daylilies and 'Opal' representing both the color and Katie's birthstone. 

Both varieties will be for sale in limited quantities in 2006. 

Katie also has a bed of new seedlings planted which will bloom for the first time in 2006 and seeds being germinated in fall of 2005. If you would like, stop by and let Katie know what you think of the new babies as they start to bloom.  Let us know which ones you think we should propagate further.  

Lebanon Tiger Rag

Lebanon Opal Dawn






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